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Cohesive Tape 50m

Cohesive bandage is a type of bandage or wrap that coheres to itself, but does not adhere well to other surfaces. Because of this, it is commonly used as a wrap on limbs, since it will stick to itself and not loosen.


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Stretch-O-FIx 5mm

Leukotape® K supports sensory functions. Wave pattern adhesive allows air to circulate and full mobility is preserved. Extremely thin and skin-friendly • Wave pattern adhesive can support the therapeutic effect • Stretchable, works ideally with the skin‘s natural elasticity • Protective liner for better handling • Polyacrylate adhesive for reliable adhesion • Backing material of cotton, hard wearing and skin friendly Patient oriented and patient friendly • high user comfort • durable for up to one week‘s use • sports and showering present no problem • easy to remove Main uses • headache • back pain • lymph edema • muscular pain


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Tubigrip is a specially designed, elasticated tubular bandage that provides firm but comfortable support for sprains, strains and weak joint. It is one of the best ways to provide support and reduces swelling after injuries, and can be used to help reduce persistent swelling. It can also be used to keep dressings in place. The benefits of it over other bandages are that it is easy to apply (just pull it on), it stays in place all day without the need for pins or tape and it is reusable and easy to wash. C: 6.75cmx 10m D: 7.5cm x 10m

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Handtearable EAB

Tearable EAB goes by a number of names including tear light, lightweight elastic adhesive bandage and lite EAB among others. Some people also call it chicken skin, in reference to its wrinkled appearance. In structure and texture, the tape closely resembles cohesive bandage, and like cohesive bandage it is stretchy and strong while remaining easy to tear by hand. However, tearable EAB also has an adhesive backing, which means you can use it like a normal sports tape. These characteristics make it an extremely versatile tape, which you can easily use on the sidelines to provide compression, support, dressing and ice pack retention, or even as a blood tape or lifting tape.


Tape Accessories

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Kinesio Scissors

Kinesio Tape scissors are designed to be used for cutting Kinesio Tape The super sharp scissors have a special coating which prevent the 100% medical grade acrylic adhesive sticking to the cutting edge or blade side. Ensuring a clean cut every time and less waste.


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Tape Removing Scissors

While not having quite the variety of scissors you might find in a hairdressing salon, never the less, there are a number of different types of scissors used in athletic taping. Historically, Lister bandage scissors have been used in hospitals, first-aid and in medical practice for many years. These taping scissors have a flattened blunt nobbly bit on the end which can be slid under zinc oxide tape or other sports tape without cutting the skin. This blunt/sharp concept is also brought into play in standard nurses scissors which may often be a cheaper option for removing tape, while "Tuff Cut" or Paramedic Shears can also be used for removing clothing in Emergency first-aid situations. In athletic sports taping, companies such as Mueller have developed tape removal products specific to athletic taping. Sometimes known as Shark Tape Cutters, the products contain an angled blade, enclosed in a narrow plastic frame. Run the blade under the zinc oxide tape and it can be removed in one cutting action. Recent years have seen the development of very sharp titanium coated Kinesiology Taping scissors. These styling scissors are used to create the cuts and shapes associated with the Kinesio Taping method, where it is necessary to cut through the cotton tape and backing paper without causing fraying of the expensive Kinesio Tape, Rock Tape or K-Active Tape.


Rehab Accessories

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Rehab Loops

The Resistance Band Exercise Loops can be used to add variety to standard workouts. It's an excellent method of resistance training for the development of specific muscles and tendons. Three different weights offers a gradual challenge and aid to build muscle strength. Start with the lowest level of resistance and build sets and repetitions gradually. Then once the exercises become too easy, move on to the next level of resistance provided by the next exercise loop. Lightweight and portable, Resistance Band Exercise Loops can be taken anywhere and offer an alternative to heavy and large weights. The resistance band exercise loops measure 1mm thick, the un-stretched length is 28cm, but can be stretched to approx 83cm. Blue: Light Red: Medium Green: Heavy Black: Extra Strong


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Exercise Balls

An exercise ball, also known as a Swiss Ball, is a ball constructed of soft elastic with a diameter of approximately 35 to 85 centimeters and filled with air. The air pressure is changed by removing a valve stem and either filling with air or letting the ball deflate.

Kinesiology Tape

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Nitreat Japan Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape is a thin, stretchy, elastic cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive. Therapeutic kinesiology tape that can benefit a wide variety of musculoskeletal and sports injuries, plus inflammatory conditions.


Dynamic Tape

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Kinetic Muscle Tape Camo 5cmx5m

Dynamic Tape is not a kinesiology or athletic tape. It is the “Original” Biomechanical Tape ®, an entirely new category of sports and therapeutic taping. These innovative, 4-way stretching tapes with strong elastic resistance and recoil of varying grades, absorb and inject force to reduce the workload on the body. Our taping methodology aims to directly manage load, modify movement patterns and assist function. Dynamic Tape does all this with a soft, breathable tape that is of such high quality and strength that professional athletes around the world trust our product everyday. From rehabilitation to the World Cup, Dynamic Tape is changing the way we look at sports and therapeutic taping.




Evan Speechly is a registered physiotherapist and has been a long standing strapping professional and lecturer as well as a world renowned sports specialist.He graduated from The University of the Witwatersrand in 1984. He is a partner in the practice Leicher, Speechly, Davidson & Partners Physiotherapy.

Evan is a member of:
  • The Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA)
  • The South African Society of Physiotherapy (SASP)
  • The South African Sports Medicine Association (SASMA)

He has worked with many sports teams including:

Evan has been the team physiotherapist for the following teams:
  • Transvaal (Gauteng Lions) and Springbok Rugby
  • South African National soccer team
  • Gauteng Men’s Hockey Team
  • Gauteng Swimming team
  • Indian National Cricket team
  • Various PSL Soccer Teams: Kaiser Chiefs, Mamelodi Sundowns, Wits Soccer Club, Highlands Park FC & Moroka Swallows
  • The Springboks (95 World Cup Winners)
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore (currently)
  • Dutch National Cricket Team (currently)
  • Consultant physiotherapist to South African Mzansi Ballet.
He has dedicated his life to Sports Physiotherapy, opening The Centre for Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics along with Linksfield Orthopaedic Sports Rehabilitation Centre and worked with many well known sports personalities. His extensive research into the various strapping and taping methods has also been beneficial to his work and lecturing.

The SportsMed Warehouse has been developed to provide sportsman, physiotherapists, patients recovering from injury and sports teams with the best quality strapping and relevant equipment for a reasonable price as well as providing a convenient way to purchase these items.

We provide a door to door delivery service and hope to provide any physiotherapist with all their professional needs.


  • Johannesburg, South Africa

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